If you are new to freediving and would like to learn to freedive in Tenerife, our SSI Level 1 Course is for you. Freediving SSI level 1 is the first step to learn safe freediving and the basic techniques of breath-holding, relaxation, correct breathing, streamlining, proper finning and body position. This is done in only 2 days and the aim is to get you to freedive comfortably and safely to 10-20 m of depth. And no, this is not crazy! It is actually a safe and conservative estimate:)


  • 2 theory sessions
  • 1 dynamic apnea session
  • 1 static apnea session
  • 2 open water sessions

DURATION: 2 days.


  • Only course: 2 or more students: 265 euro/per person, including ALL fees (digital student manual, digital certification, pool and transportation fees and all necessary equipment). If you are alone in the course we will charge you a supplement of 20 euro. If you require a one on one tuition while there is already a level 1 course running, we will add 40 euro to the base price.
  • Accommodation: Want a place to stay? We have rooms in our apartments, at 30 euro/night (plus 25 euro cleaning fee at the end of your stay)
  • Insurance: If you want to have an insurance covering your freediving activities and don’t have your own, do not worry! We offer insurance at only 14 euro / week. In this case it is best that you let us know before starting your courses.


Do you want to make the most out of your holiday and do both Level 1 and Level 2 course, or simply add some training days after your course? In this case we recommend that you join one of our Combo Weeks, and meet other like minded people and share this experience with them. Combo Weeks are great especially if you are a solo traveller, as you will have company throughout your whole trip. Many long lasting friendships were born during Combo Weeks over the years 🙂