DEPTH WORKSHOP with World Vice Champion Linda Paganelli
15-16 April 2024

Duration: 2 days
Price: 300 euro

Equalisation problems, improving your mouthfill, fixing the common mistakes
depth training and progression, improving technique in the 4 depth disciplines
mental aspects of depth, how to overcome fear and the right approach to depth progression
stretching routines and preparing dives with visualisation

– 2 depth session with full debriefing
– 1 dry session (visualisation + stretching)
– theory session, individual feedback and addressing of each participant’s specific problems and doubts
– video feedback of your dives to improve technique.

Instructor: Linda Paganelli

Hi! I’m Linda and i started freediving over 20 years ago! I held all Italian depth discipline records for 10 years between 2005 and 2015. When i moved to Tenerife i took a long break from freediving but i started training again in 2021 and quickly climbed the world ranking and placed myself among the deepest females for Bifins and Free immersion.
I’m occasionally teaching at Atlantis when our instructors are too busy or need a day off and I have a knack for helping people with mental blocks and equalisation, which are my favourite aspects of freediving.

My latest achievements in depth:

FIM – Silver medal in at the 2023 CMAS World Championships.
FIM – 2nd in the 2022 world ranking and 4th all-time world ranking.
CWTB- 6th in the 2022 world ranking and 7th all-time world ranking.

It you didn’t dive for a while it is recommended to start a few days earlier with a little bit of training to get yourself reconnected to depth. Then after the workshop you can plan to stay a few extra days to put into practice all the new information learned before going back to a long dry period.

We will use our depth set up and you will be able to rest on the SUP in between dives and stay warm for a longer time. The workshop will take place in our new beautiful “world class” facilities! We now have plenty of showers, rinsing and storage room, a comfortable and private classroom and plenty of chillout space where to socialise, eat, watch freediving videos, and stretch. As always we can arrange your accommodation starting at 35 euro/night.