Take your Freediving Advanced Course with Atlantis Freediving. This is a 3 day course where you learn the techniques that allow you to reach deeper depths in a comfortable and safe way. Techniques such as free falling and more efficient equalization methods will save a lot of energy so you can dive deeper and use less oxygen. We will also teach you how to train efficiently once you go back home and have no access to deep water. Also you will learn a lung stretching routine that will help you increase your lung capacity and adapt better to the increased pressure you encounter below 20 meters.                                      


  • 3 theory sessions
  • 1 static apnea
  • 1 dynamic apnea session
  • 4 open water sessions


  • Only course: 370 euro, including all fees (digital student manual, digital certification, pool and transportation fees and all necessary equipment).
  • Insurance: If you want to have an insurance covering your freediving activities and don’t have your own, do not worry! We offer insurance at only 14 euro / week. In this case it is best that you let us know before starting your courses, training or activities with us.


  • DAY 1: Starting at about 9am with some review about breathing and breathe-up techniques and theory about different training methods applicable to both confined and open water training and dry training. We follow with a static breath-hold session and debriefing. After the lunch break we do the first open water session, working mainly on buoyancy and free falling.
  • DAY 2: Theory followed by CO2 tables dynamic in confined water, and after lunch break we head to the second OW session, to keep practicing free falling and learn Frenzel equalization.
  • DAY 3: Two OW sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon with theory and exam in the break.

PREREQUISITES: Be 18 years of age or older (15 years with parent or guardian consent); have completed the Freediver course (or an equivalent course).