If you already did one or more courses but want to spend more time with an instructor and refine your skills, get deeper or work on some specific aspect of your dives, we offer freediving training and coaching sessions, during which we will provide you with the set up (buoy/rope/bottom weight) at a suitable depth for your level. We will coach you, giving you feedback on technique as well as providing your safety and we will tailor made the training to suit your individual level. During these sessions we have no more than 3 freedivers per buoy, which means you will have plenty of time for your training and don’t have to wait long time in between dives.

NOTE! Freediving training sessions are for certified freedivers, not for complete beginners. If you have never freedived before you should attend a beginner course prior to join any training session.


If you are a group of freedivers interested in a training camp, don’t miss our TRAINING WEEKS. Training weeks include 6 days of training (2 sessions per day) and 7 night accommodation. Check dates available in our FREEDIVING PACKAGES page, or if you are a group of minimum 3 participants you can decide the dates!


1 Training session/day (min. 2 people)______€45 per person
2 Training session/day (min. 2 people)______€72 per person

Private training x 1 session_______________€50**
Private training x 2 sessions 1 day_________€80**

**The private sessions prices are for freedivers who want to train during times when we dont have training running during the same day/s. We don’t want to turn you down and are happy to work at cost for you. However, if there are training sessions running during the same days and you still request private training we can do so (depending on instructor availability) for an extra fee:

Private on request training x 1 session_______________€60
Private on request x 2 sessions 1 day_________€96

Prices include buoy, dive rope, bottom weight, personal weights and weight belt, surface lines and marker buoy, but it doesn’t include personal diving equipment, this can be hired separately at the rates below:

Equipment hire – Full Kit_________€14/Day
Fins only_____________________€4/Day
Suit included belt_______________€8/Day
Dive Computer_________________€5/Day

Insurance available! If you want to have an insurance covering your freediving activities and don’t have your own, do not worry! We offer insurance at only 14 euro / week. In this case it is best that you let us know before starting your courses, training or activities with us.