Are you interested in a 3 days workshop with a multiple world record holder/world champion in several depth and pool disciplines?

We want to bring Goran Colak to Tenerife to give our customers the opportunity to dive with one of the legends of freediving. Goran has 15 years of experience as a competitive freediver, won dozens of gold medals at both pool and depth world championships and held many world records and he is training several competitive freedivers all around the world.

If you don’t know who Goran Colak is, drop everything you are doing and go google him before you keep reading this!

The workshop is 3 days and will include 2 days in open water and 1 day in the pool.
The main focus of this workshop:
How to train, periodize, supercompensation, peaking in each cycle, proper technique in each discipline, supplementation, stretching.
The main goal is that you go home knowing how to train for your own level and using the tools that you have available in the place you live. For example, how to plan your own training for deep diving if you only have access to the pool and the gym.

We will make this a week long event for who want to dive more than just the 3 workshop days, by having 2 days warm-up days before the workshop and 1 extra day after to keep practice and make the most out of all the precious information you learned. These will be like regular training sessions lead by our instructors.

Dates and prices:

-Only workshop 11-13 April 2022 – Price 420 euro

-Full Week :9 to 14 April for the whole week (check in 8-04, check out 15-04). Of course it is possible to extend your stay, just let us know in advance to make sure we still have rooms available – Price 699 euro

*Dates are provisional and might be subjected to small changes