Variable Weight is a fun way to practice freediving. But mostly it is a very useful tool for learning or perfecting your deep equalisation. This is due to two reasons: firstly because of the little effort on the descend and secondly the ascent is much easier due to diving without a weight belt. There are also different ways to perform Variable Weight freediving, and different kinds of set-up depending on several factors. Some of these ways can be unsafe in certain places or conditions, and during the course not only you will get to practice several Variable Weight dives for yourself but you will also learn how to prepare a set up for yourself and your buddy if you want to keep implementing this kind of diving to your training.


  • 1 double open water sessions during which you learn proper set-up configuration for variable weight using a real sled, and practice starting with shallower freedives and slowly build up depth.
  • 1 theory session to learn how to plan a Variable Weight session independently from you instructor, while keeping in mind all the safety concerns, and the equipment needed.
  • 1 stretching session to help your body to get used to the pressure increase encountered at depth (as diving with variable weight a freediver will reach greater depths more easily).

DURATION: 1 day.

Make the most out of your holiday and do both Level 3 and the Variable Weight course together and save $$$$$ !

How? By adding 1 day to the Level 3 course, we will add the theory and practice of the variable weight course, take our super sled in the water and we will ride it to practice both the equalisation skills of level 3 (the infamous mouthfill) and approach deeper depths.


  • Only Variable Weight Course: 150 euro for single student. The price includes digital SSI certification.
  • Variable Weight Course + Level 3 course: 500 euro (this way you will save 50 euro!)